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Wedding  photography for people who love beautiful, real pictures

I think I may know you.

We probably haven’t actually met. But I have a feeling about you.

If you’ve come here, you’re in love and excited and a little bit stressed out.

You want a wedding that’s more warm and beautiful rather than extravagant and huge because you’re going to have the kind of wedding where every single person there means so much to you.

You’re not fussy but you care. You care deeply.

You want pretty. But you also want heart.

Your wedding will have style and substance.

It's your day but you don't want it to be all about you.

This one day especially, you dream of looking beautiful in a photograph.

You captured every moment of the wedding that we wanted, and yet I never felt that you were constantly in our faces. You were like a spy.
— R.S.


You were everything and more than we expected
— J.B.

You want images that glow with love and happiness. That will still make you laugh three years from now. That will make you remember the first rush of new love with your very best friend. And, yeah, you know, made you and your man look like smokin' hot royalty.

Is there a more important purchase you could make in your whole life?

So there are two ways to go about this.

If you are willing to spend at least $3,000, you can quickly weed out the cheeseballs and the dilettantes and still be left with a ton of wedding photographers who can provide you with really pretty pictures. So check around, compare collections and hire the most affordable photographer who can execute at a professional level. Because regardless of what The Knot says about different styles of photography, they all look pretty much the same.

Beyond beautiful
— D.P.

Or, do this.

Push the folders and binders and Excel spreadsheets aside, exit Pinterest and close your eyes. Picture your loved ones. What do you see? Picture them at your wedding. How do they look? What are they doing? Think about how they see you. Can you see yourself through the eyes of their love?

Now find photography like that – that makes you feel something in your gut -  and hire that person. Don’t look at the price. Because if there is a place to be extravagant, it’s with your wedding photos.

Because your photos aren’t like picking out an invitation (The blue or the green? Flip a coin already.) or the flavor of your cake. It’s not just another commodity or an item on a checklist -  somewhere before hiring a photo booth but after booking your honeymoon.

It’s not just pictures. It’s vision.

— G.T.


Look at that man you’re marrying. Did you choose him because he offered the most comprehensive package? Or he was ‘what’s in style’ in 2018? Or did you simply fall in love?

Fall in love with your photographer. Not literally (right?) but fall in love with the way he or she sees people.

Because five years from now when a baby pukes up on your somewhat shapeless flannel nightie or the man who once seemed so perfect stomps out in a temporary funk and you notice his pants are riding low because he grew a spare tire, or a beloved grandparent suddenly leaves you, you’re not going to look back and wish you’d gone with the predictable photographer.

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Weddings are beautiful and ridiculous but in many ways they are also a campfire on a dark night.

All photographers document memories.

But how many are going to know what was truly worth remembering?


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How this works

We keep this super simple because weddings are complicated enough already.

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Is this the photography you are looking for? We have one collection. Yup, one. It gets you started. Or it could be all you need. It’s six hours of coverage and includes a $200 album credit and a digital story that’s downloadable and shareable and has music and will make you cry. If you’re in the mid-Hudson valley, it’s $1,000.

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Find out if your wedding date is available. We do only a limited number of weddings a year.

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Tell me the dream. You have one. We talk. Phone, Skype, FaceTime, Email, in person, whatever works. We imagine you looking back. What are you going to be so glad that you did, so happy that you have? Get exactly what you want out of your wedding photography. No more, no less.


You are professional, and we also see your love in your work.
— A.H.