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Wedding  photography for people who love beautiful, real pictures

Do you want to look relaxed and natural in your wedding portraits? Or do you prefer to be stiff and posed?

Do you like photographs that glow with natural light? Or do you favor dark filters that make weddings look somber?

Do you want to laugh and cry (in a good way) every time you look at your wedding album? Or do you want your wedding pictures to just be typical? 

If you believe that weddings should be real and that reality is beautiful, heartfelt and funny, then you are in the right place.  

We don't do contrived moments.

We don't hang dresses in trees.

We don't try awkward dips, jumping wedding parties or dumb poses. 

Because you just want to look natural.

You want photography that's classic, clean and candid.

Just like you.  

You captured every moment of the wedding that we wanted, and yet I never felt that you were constantly in our faces. You were like a spy.
— R.S.


Beyond beautiful
— D.P.


No corny shots. No contrived poses. Just relaxed, natural, elegant portraits that will still look good in 10 years.


No heavy filters. No gloomy edits. Images glow from 100% real light.


There are moments and then there are moments.

Moment - your maid of honor looking at your during the ceremony. Moment - your maid of honor sleeping during the ceremony.

Moment - your mom kissing you. Moment - the look on your face right after your mom kissed you because she just messed up your makeup.

Moment -  The groom bawling like a baby. Moment - the whole room bawling like a baby.

Here at Samantha Christensen Photography, our weddings and portraits don't all look alike. Because none of you are alike.  Nobody else will have that shot in their album. Nobody. Because that awesome thing didn't happen at their wedding. Only yours. 

— G.T.


How this works

We offer full-day coverage as well as some delicious little collections for intimate weddings and shorter days.

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Find out if I'm available on your wedding date.

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We talk. Phone, FaceTime or in person, however you prefer. You'll see entire weddings I've photographed so you're not making a decision based just on a few portfolio shots. You tell me about your fabulous wedding and ask questions and decide if we are right for each other. 

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Grab this goodness while it's available. I do only a limited number of weddings a year. After you book, I help you plan your day to get the most from the collection you've chosen.


You are professional, and we also see your love in your work.
— A.H.