Luv you

Yes, I do. Because you care about photography. And you've been looking, looking, looking. That alone qualifies you as really cool in my book. But you may be tired of looking, looking, looking by now. So let's make it easy. All you need to know is below. 



Hey, I think I know you.

Yes, you. 

You're successful but you don't let on about it.

You're smart AND funny.

You help people with big problems. But you also get excited about cupcakes, coffee and a good sale at Banana.

You don't mind a little dirt under your nails. Followed by a mani.

You're fashionable but not vain.

You love being home with your family. And traveling the world.

Your wedding will have style and substance.

You want pretty. But you also want heart. 

It's your day but you don't want it to be all about you

This one day especially, you dream of looking beautiful in a photograph.

Do we know each other? 

Beyond beautiful
— D.P.

I like your family. I love your style. I get excited about your shoes and your invitations and your DIYs. I understand that you want your wedding to look and be lovely, and your photos to bring magic.

And I want to hear all about him. This guy who somehow captured your heart. He must be something. Because he. Got. You. 

I understand that you want images that glow with love and happiness. That will still make you laugh three years from now. That will make you remember the first rush of new love with your very best friend. And, yeah, you know, made you and your man look like smokin' hot royalty. 

You captured every moment of the wedding that we wanted, and yet I never felt that you were constantly in our faces. You were like a spy.
— RS



Generally, wedding photography in New York starts at $2,000-$3,000. 

We're not dream crushers here.  Full-day coverage starts at a little over $1,000. (Some travel fees may apply.) Partial day coverage is also available, ideal for intimate weddings or those on a budget. So if you are on a budget, don't give up. If you really care about your wedding photography, we really care to make something work out for you.


I only do a limited number of weddings a year, so book early if possible. 

Email me at samanthachristensenphotos at or DM me on Instagram at samanthachristensenphotos. Call or text to (845) 419-3094. Or fill out the Contact form on this website.

— GT

We are not

Traditional, cheesy, corny, stiff, glam, dreary, filtered, over-edited, predictable or boring.

We are

Classic, natural, real, glowing, beautiful, fresh, relaxed and emotional.


Just looking around? You may want to check out the blog. It shows more of my work  and includes some helpful resources. 

Here are a few to get you started:

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Meet Ruby.

She's 3 here.

When Ruby gets married, her mom will not be digging through boxes in her attic to find her vintage iPhone from 2016 and a power charger so she can sit on the floor and moon over old pictures and then cry instead because the phone won't turn on.

Ruby's mom took 20 minutes to have a mini portrait session with me. She has prints. There's a photobook. When Ruby flounces home with big news, Mom is going to pick up a beautiful picture in a frame and hold it to her chest for a good sob.

It's been less than a year and Ruby has already changed since these photos were taken.

People put a lot of work into finding a wedding photographer because they have to. They know that day only happens once. 

But the same is true for all of us. Our children are only 3 once. We have a 10th anniversary only once. We aren't getting any younger. They aren't getting any littler. It's flying by. 

Don't wait too long. If you're feeling shy, at least bring me your children. 


Local portrait sessions are $200, which includes a session fee and $100 print credit. You will receive gorgeous professional prints and photobooks along with your digital files, which will save you the headache of trying to make your own prints and books. Mini sessions with a child are $150 and also include a $100 print credit. 


For children, couples and families, we keep it simple, sweet and fun. 

You or your little one will dress up in something flattering and comfortable. We go somewhere beautiful that you love with the sun shimmering all around us. You hang out. I tell you what to do. 

Even guys do OK with this because I'm not into corny shots.  If you can walk, spin and tell your right from your left, you can do this. 

I fall into flowerbeds just to get an authentic smile. I do this for you. Not because I'm awkward or anything. 

Contact Info & Availability

I'm based in Wallkill, New York, surrounded by historic buildings, mountains, trees, fields and flowers. The only thing missing is you. 

Email me at samanthachristensenphotos at or DM me on Instagram at samanthachristensenphotos. Call or text (845) 419-3094. Or fill out the Contact form on this website.