The Real Thing

Photography is a luxury. We don't need it to survive. But as you know, it is one of the few luxuries in life that increases in value with time. Look around you. What do you have now that you owned and loved ten years ago? (In my case, my one-button DeLonghi latte maker, a gorgeous armoire made by Tom, and my great-grandmother's mandolin.) Think ahead ten years from now.  Think about a beautiful photo in a frame. An album full of love and laughter. A photo book of your little one. Priceless now and forever. The first thing you will grab in a fire. The last thing you'll toss in a garage sale.

Our albums, photo books and framed art feature clean, classic design that won't look dated in a few years and thick, lay-flat pages that won't fall apart even when you and your loved ones flip through them again and again.

We bring together the highest quality and most affordable products possible. From $850 for a 12" by 12" Italian leather album (from our a la carte pricing) to less than $100 for framed matted prints (cheaper than Shutterfly with a coupon), there is no reason to let your images hide on a computer hard drive.

All albums and books are offered in a variety of sizes. You can either upgrade to a larger size or add more pages or do both. 

Professional albums

You know you should get an album. Some day the laptop will die and you'll lose all your digital photos. Some day your grand kids will page through an album but never your Facebook wedding gallery. Some day. Some day.

Who cares about some day? What about now? Here's one good reason to have an authentic Italian leather album today. It's cool. Really cool. The coolest book you will ever own. Cooler than your favorite leather bag. Cooler than your old leather jacket.  And guess what; you can't get cool like this from Shutterfly. 

Your friends and family aren't going to gather around the USB stick to see your 700 favorite wedding photos. They aren't going to wait for you to get your dress out of storage so they can see how pretty it was. But they will pick up your cool cool album. And so will you. 

The groom. The ring. The album. Spend hundreds of dollars on your wedding. Spend thousands of dollars. In the end, that's all you get to keep. 


  • Handmade in the United States and guaranteed for life
  • Thick or very thick photo paper 
  • Comes in five distressed leathers or many shades of linen
  • Base size: 20 pages, 10" by 10"
  • Maximum size: 40 pages, 12" by 12" (as seen in photos above)
  • Names and wedding date can be debossed on the cover
  • Best as: A fine art album featuring only the best and most beautiful images from your wedding

Lay flat photo books

Meet the photo book that looks like an album. Pages are thick photo paper that lay flat and endure many fingers touching and turning. It's not as cool as the leather album, but it's pretty nice.


  • Printed on thick photo paper
  • Covers available in 13 fabric colors
  • Names and wedding date can be imprinted on the cover or embossed in gold, silver or black
  • Base size: 20 pages, 10" by 10"
  • Maximum size: 100 pages, 12" by 12"
  • Best as: An album for the bride and/or groom's parents or a more affordable alternative to the leather album. Also makes a great second album that you can stuff with more photos.
  • Also perfect for a variety of photography and occasions such as engagements, family sessions, little one sessions, and anniversary sessions.

Coffee Table Book

You love all your photos. So. Much. You can't pick only a few to preserve in a book and leave the rest to languish on your hard drive all cold and sad. The Coffee Table Book may be for you. 

The Coffee Table Book features a fabric cover protected with a snazzy four-color dust cover. Best of all it can pack a lot of pages. 


  • Fabric cover available in three colors
  • Base size: 50 pages, 8" by 10"
  • Maximum size: 400 pages, 12" by 12" or 13" by 11"
  • Pages do not lay flat and are subject to wrinkles if handled roughly
  • Best as: A companion to a leather album and one you can fill with all the photos that would not fit in your main album. Also great for engagements, family sessions, little one sessions, and anniversary sessions.


Framed Art