Hey there busy lady.

How are you doing?

If you’re a bride, is it a lot of this? You chose the guy and now. So. Many. Choices. Follow.

Which bridesmaids? Which groomsmen? My town or your town? Rustic or modern? Barn, tent, vineyard, intimate B&B or catering hall? Meal or finger foods? DJ or band? Who’s going to marry you? How are we paying for this? The dress. The dress. The dress. The guest list. My family. His family. My friends. His friends. Joy. Meltdown. The dress. The dress. The dress. Flower girl or no? Sparklers or no? Flower girl with sparklers? Definite no.

Whew. And. . .  you don’t have a photographer yet.

By far the best and most professional.
— VL

You want beautiful photos. But . . . getting your picture taken makes you a little nervous. Going out and hiring somebody for a lot of money to do something that makes you nervous is making you even more nervous.

Yet you have to. You want beautiful photos of one of the most important days of your life. You want to look natural and normal and the best, most lovely version of yourself. But what you see out there scares you a little. This is 2019. Why is so much wedding photography still so awkward and fake and cheesy? And when it’s not, it’s over-edited and dreary.

Welcome to Samantha Christensen Photography. Settle in and chill a bit. You need a break. 

I can’t promise you that your mother-in-law will love you (although she will.) Or that the ring bearer won’t pick his nose during the ceremony. (It would be awesome if he did, though.) Or that it won’t rain on your wedding day.

You made a crazy day fun.
— CC

But what I can promise you is no cheese.

This is a 100% cheese-free photography service. No awkward dips. No bride and groom leaping into the air. No fist pumps. No contrived looks of surprise. No stiff smooches. Guaranteed. You are classy. So are we.

You will look natural. It's so important, let's put that in a fancy font.


We love real emotion.

We love beautiful light.

We love people.

We are hardcore documentarians who will squeal over your wedding shoes and swoon over your cake. (Not literally. We are very careful around cakes.) We don’t care what brand your shoes are. We do want a slice of your cake.

We are your eyes in the back of your head.

I studied photojournalism and worked in the journalism field for eight years before becoming a wedding photographer. In my book, the real story is usually the best one. Your story. You and your man being yourselves. A really well-dressed, good-looking version of yourselves.

We can also promise you 0% added stress. We are grown-up humans and will treat you as such. We listen to you and only you. We hear what you might not even know how to say. We are open and keep it simple, from our prices and collections, which are flexible for your budget, to what to expect each hour of your wedding day. We plan carefully and thoughtfully with you long before your wedding so when the actual day arrives you can whoop it up and forget about us.

My assistant and I show up at your wedding – a sacred event - in a dress, looking like a guest, not a roadie for the Grateful Dead. We repair bouquets before you run down the aisle. We put lip gloss on the flower girl. We make you laugh during family formals and even great grandma from the old country will smile for the first time since 1975.

We help you keep it together.

It was fun to work with you. Everyone loved you . . . because you were so kind and professional.
— MR

Your wedding is going to be beautiful. It’s going to fly by. I do. Dance. Eat cake. Done. Everybody will be pretty happy.

And when it comes to your photography, it’s not just going to be OK.

It’s going to be fabulous.

Believe it or not, it’s going to be fun.

End the suspense. DM me on Instagram at samanthachristensenphotos or use the Contact button in my IG profile.

If you're interested but just looking around, check out the blog. You can see more examples of what I do along with some helpful resources.

My husband Tom and I lived in Brooklyn Heights in New York City for years and are now based in Wallkill in Upstate New York. The photo in the banner above is the Shawangunk Ridge, conveniently located right out my window. I primarily serve the mid-Hudson Valley, although I occasionally can be dragged out of my cave to shoot elsewhere.