Classic Brooklyn Wedding


I recently had the opportunity to shoot a beautiful wedding in my old home town - Brooklyn, New York.

Everything is harder to pull off in the city but I so enjoyed both the good and the bad of being back in the thick of everything. The bad - a long drive from Wallkill, New York, to Brooklyn; Black Friday traffic throughout the day; bystanders standing around where you want to shoot; dragging your shooting gear on foot from location to location. The good - Trinidadian humor, limo drivers who give marriage advice, awesome reception food, Prospect Park, the best dancing to be found on the East Coast,  and a classy couple like Dacia and Reynold. 

The weather report had rain on the horizon all week. But the morning of Friday, November 25, started out dry and even a tiny bit sunny. 

The groom and groomsmen got ready just a few blocks away from the ladies.

Reynold and his groomsmen were particulary proud of their snazzy matching shoes.

The only sunshine we got all day was right here. 

The gentlemen looking sharp. I was impressed to learn that most of these young men came into the truth by themselves at an early age. They had truly become like brothers to each other.

The stunning rings. The wedding band was a surprise. Dacia was only expecting to see her gorgeous engagement ring at the ceremony. 

 Bridal bouquet. Samantha Christensen Photography.

The flowers were created by friend Virginia Simpson.

Dacia wisely included jeweled flats in her wedding details to pull out at the reception. So pretty.

So many beautiful pleats in the mermaid-style DaVinci wedding dress from RK Bridal

Look at that detailed sweetheart neckline.

The dress next a snapshot of the bride and groom from their dating days.

I like getting in close just about the time the makeup artist is going near the bride's eye with a sharp object. 

Makeup artist Valerie Joseph played up Dacia's big beautiful eyes. Hair was by Natasha Pierre.

Dacia's mom Melva came all the way from South Carolina just for this moment. 

Many hands (and arms) get the bride together.

Those pleats! Perfect. And Dacia wears it so well. 

The bridesmaids wore purple. I crack myself up. Actually the dresses are grey without the limo lights. 

As soon as we got in the limo the party started.

It started to sprinkle just before the first look. But fortunately the groom had suggested the Grecian Shelter in Brooklyn's Prospect Park for a location. No rain under there. And the structure is beautiful. 

Can't really say anything here. The faces say it all. 

It was too muddy by the lake for the ladies. But the gentlemen couldn't wait to run over there for a few photos of their own. 

Timeless. They look like movie stars. 

Despite traffic, the ceremony was on time.

Dacia is from Guyana by way of Florida and Reynold is from Trinidad. They met about five years ago in Brooklyn and have been friends for years. Reynold claims Dacia liked him right off the bat to which Dacia rolls her eyes. Sources close to the situation confirm that Dacia did indeed like Reynold but Reynold said they were 'just friends'. That is until another guy took interest in Dacia. You know the rest of the story.

The reception was held at the glamorous Elite Palace in Woodside, Queens. Lots of cool reception lighting here. 

Most important thing to the bride: the dress. Most important thing to the groom: the dessert bar.

Decor was created by Virginia Simpson and family. The food at the Elite Palace was yummy and generous. I seriously could have fed a family with just my plate of food. 

A grand entrance followed by the Running Man Challenge. They'll have fun explaining it to the grand kids.

The father/daughter dance, always so beautiful.

First dance. Dacia and Reynold are excellent dancers. They were all over the floor. I wanted to just watch them and enjoy.

The dance floor was full for every song. Music was provided by Ryan Neville Thomas of RNT Sound. 

I like how little Lily knows it's a DSLR, so you should be looking through something. She just doesn't know that looking through the flash doesn't help. I think she has potential, though.

Skill is when you can Snapchat your dancing - while you're dancing. 

Best place to catch up on your line dance moves.

Congratulations Dacia and Reynold!

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