Westbury Manor Wedding

Delroy and Gloria's elegant Westbury Manor wedding - Long Island Wedding Photographer

The day started cloudy, chilly and early for Gloria and Delroy. Gloria's Bronx apartment was an oasis of calm considering that three bridesmaids, a makeup artist and hairdresser were soon to arrive. The flowers by Nia Ferguson Price arrived the night before.

The veil was made by a friend and the pearls were hand-beaded.

The dress by Dresswe looked like a million bucks. It could have passed for a family heirloom.

The makeup by Dionne Bell was glamorous without overpowering Gloria's natural beauty and casual style.

About a hundred hairpins seems to go into the updo at top speed.

A last-minute look in the mirror.

Gloria recently lost both her mother and her father. Friend Juliet stood in to help her with her jewelry.

By now there were nine people in Gloria's one-bedroom apartment and about two minutes until departure. We found a quiet corner for a few quick portraits.

Doesn't she look like she could have stepped out of a renaissance painting?

About a half dozen of Gloria's neighbors stepped out to wish her well. Such a New York moment.

The groom waits for his bride.

This is not a first look. Not even a first peek. Delroy stepped into the back room to get his boutonniere without even a glance at his bride standing right behind him.

It was standing room only at the Ely Avenue Kingdom Hall.


Most picture-takingist group of friends ever.

Gloria and Delroy have been friends for years and worked together on Regional Building Committee projects.

Did I mention that these friends love to take pictures?

Delroy's father has been seriously ill the last few months and made it to the ceremony by ambulance and dressed in a black tux. He got lots of hugs and encouragement.

The limo ride from the Bronx to Westbury Manor on Long Island only took about a half an hour.

Limos are so fun.

The elegant Westbury Manor.

The manor gardens are gorgeous but it was too chilly to linger long.

Yeah, they have peacocks in the garden.

Delroy's mom never stopped smiling all day.

Instead of a father-daughter dance, Gloria had a sibling dance.

Yeah, we all cried.

More pictures.

A moment with one camera.

And that dress!

I think we all got the cake-cutting covered photographically.

Time to dance with music provided by DJ Skillz.

And then we had a Sooooooouuuuuul Train.

All ages were on the dance floor, including guests with canes.

Delroy and Gloria are loving and well loved. They took a lot of time with their guests and threw them a fabulous party, and their guests surrounded them again and again for hugs and photos. Delroy and Gloria involved many friends in their planning, for which I am grateful. I've known Gloria for about 20 years and I'm happy to see her so happy and appreciative for having been included in their celebration.