Rainy day beach wedding


Rainy day beach wedding - Connecticut wedding photographer

Danny and Arlene's wedding day had the potential for disaster. It rained. Half the guests were stuck in traffic. Everything ran 45 minutes late. But as it turned out, it was perfect, beautiful, funny and heartfelt.

First, there was the busload of guests from Manhattan who got held up, showed up halfway through the ceremony and walked the aisle after the bridesmaids and before the bride. Then there was the bride's heartfelt goodbye to her single mom. Then the bride and groom's romantic portraits in the misty rain. Then the groom's performance of a rewritten Bruno Mar's song, complete with backup singers and dancers.  Then there were the epic photo booth props that somehow migrated to the dance floor. 

Danny is a big goofy friendly guy who also happens to be highly organized. Arlene is one of those sweet people who checks in to see how your mom is doing. They first met at a volunteer building project in Warwick, New York in 2015. Later Danny got down on one knee and proposed to Arlene in the observation tower of the completed project. She "cried like a baby."

Congratulations Danny and Arlene!

Ceremony: Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Reception: Penfield Pavilion, Fairfield, Connecticut

Hair and makeup: Eiffel Beaute

Wedding cake: Cake Obsessions

Event planning: An Affair to Remember

DJ: J. New

Photography: Samantha Christensen Photography

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Samantha Christensen