Parent album delivered

Parent album delivered and why you shouldn't forget about grandma

I sent this beautiful little lay flat photo book to the mother of the bride after a recent wedding. 

But first, a story about my mother-in-law.

My mother-in-law loves photos. She has them in frames all over her house. She also has a clear plastic tablecloth on her huge dining room table and underneath it she keeps dozens of snapshots. 

You come into her house, sit at her table and the first thing you do is start looking over the photos.

Marion had two grandkids get married in the last two years. Guess how many of the professional wedding photos she got? 



Not a one.

Sure, there were a few to be seen on Instagram. And a few on Facebook. But Marion can't put Facebook on her table or Instagram on her shelf.

That's life. You're young and newly married and busy.  It's easy to forget that you may not be the only ones interested in your wedding photos.

Being a daughter-in-law who is not a fool, I made her a photo book of each wedding from photos I took as a guest. They are proudly displayed in her china cabinet. My mother-in-law and I bonded over an 8-inch book. 

For all the moms and grandmas and great grandmas and aunties who gave generously to the bride and groom, who sat in the audience and cried, who put up with the loud music at the reception just to see the boy and girl dance, I give you the parent album.

Dear brides and grooms who don't have time to remember to give grandma so much as a print . . . tell me. I'll take care of her. It's a small thing to you. It's huge to her. She'll love you even more, if that's possible.

Samantha Christensen