What to expect after

What to expect from your wedding photographer after the wedding

Your wedding is over. You're back from the honeymoon, the dress is being cleaned and stored, and you're trying to figure out how to get rid of your new mate's worst furniture items. And... you're waiting for your wedding photos.

What goes on between the time when your photographer clicks the last frame of the night and when you receive your hundreds of exciting images?

Here's what I do. Most legit photographers probably do something similar.


Sounds cruel, doesn't it, whatever it is? This is where I take some 2,000 images and pare them down at least by half. I go through every picture and eliminate anything that has an issue such as blurryness, closed eyes, someone walking into the frame, and so forth. I also eliminate duplicate or extremely similar images. I chose the best of a series. This takes hours. 

Have you ever come home from a vacation with hundreds of pictures and you know you need to go through them and pare them down to just the best to share with friends? And then you don't because it takes forever? That's culling. Thank goodness you're paying me to do this for your wedding.

The more I shoot weddings, the more I have come to appreciate that less is more. If you dump thousands of photos on a couple, they don't know what to do. It's overwhelming. It's far better for the photographer to pare everything down to the best of the best, which will still be more photos than anybody knows what to do with.


After we are down to the best of the best, I do broad edits of every image. This means adjusting every image for color, exposure and so forth. Digital images are like nice faces without makeup. They all look a little better with a touch of lipstick and mascara. Not too much, but they need to have this before going out of the house. 

Then I do another round of detail editing on images that you are putting in an album or having printed. This includes smoothing skin in a way that looks natural but flattering, removing stray items like lint on a jacket or a bridesmaid wandering behind your epic dress shot. I'm a little OCD about this so it takes awhile.


Along the way I try to give you some sneak peeks, because I know you want images to share right away, not two or three weeks after your big day. For the same reason, I also edit your whole gallery with super intense speed. You will receive your images likely a month sooner than most brides do with their photographers. 


I deliver images via an online gallery. Families love this. So often grandma never gets to see the wedding photos. No more! Everybody gets to share and enjoy, no matter where they live. These images are yours to keep forever and are large enough for a huge print. 


If your wedding collection includes albums, I begin design right away. I send you an initial design less than two months after the wedding. I start the design without you because if I wait for you to choose photos while having no idea of how your album is going to come together, it will take forever and be frustrating to you. 

It's a lot easier to see a design already in place and then tweak it to your preferences. You can swap out photos if there are other photos you prefer. You get two rounds of changes. And then the album is sent off to be printed.

If you did not have an album in your collection, no worries. It's not too late. I offer a discount for up to one week after receiving your images because I know many couples want a way to preserve the photos they love so much. 


Prints are very easy to order via the online gallery. Get yourself a few. Get mom some, too. They aren't expensive. Digital is great, but there's nothing like seeing you and your loved ones in a beautiful high-quality print.