When the bride says goodbye

This was my favorite quiet, unexpected image of Max and Laysa's gorgeous winter wedding. Here is Nury, the bride's cousin, and Luisa, the bride's mom. The hustle and bustle of getting the bride out the door has passed, and at this moment it hits them. In a certain sense, she has left for good.

Nury traveled from out of the country to see her cousin get married. Neither Laysa or Nury has a sister so they became like sisters over the years. Throughout the day you see Nury at work, buttoning the dress, distributing the boutonnieres, off to the side taking pictures.

From now on nothing will be quite the same. Laysa's not the little girl or the baby cousin anymore. Mom and cousin are so happy, and - just for a moment - so sad.

And this is why it helps to have a photographer who will be the eyes in the back of your head. Laysa didn't see this moment, doesn't even know it happened. She won't know until she gets her wedding photos. Weddings fly by like that. It's our job to see what you just might have missed as you were heading out the door.