Mother daughter photo session

Autumn mommy and me Hudson Valley family photo session

This is the second "Mommy and Me" photo session I've done where the Mommy was a senior citizen and the Me was a grown adult.

Sharon contacted me back in August because she was planning the trip of a lifetime for her and her 81-year-old mother. Sharon lives in California and Nola lives in Wisconsin and they were both coming to New York to see as much as they could. Sharon hoped to cap off the trip with a surprise photo session. She was looking for pictures that reflected happiness. Other than that she wasn't sure. She was drawn to Christensen Photography for "The candid family happy moments."

Sharon and I bonded over our mutual worry over our elderly moms. My mom and dad had just left when Sharon and her mom arrived. I was pooped. They were pooped. So we kept it low key. And it was awesome. We wandered through the woods together, which happens to be something Nola loves. Walking through the fields, picking wildflower seeds is exactly what she would have been doing anyway, even without a photographer there.

The traditional Mommy and Me session features a mother with her baby or young child. When you capture a session like that you are aware of how fleeting that time is, how quickly that child will grow. For adult children, the feeling is similar. We want to hang on to our older parents and keep them safe and happy as long as possible.

While this was not the traditional photo session featuring dating couples or young families, the love is just as real and deserving of documentation. I'm so glad Sharon made this happen.

Hudson Valley family photo session
Family photo session Wallkill, New York
Mother daughter photo session Hudson Valley, New York
Hudson Valley family portrait
Hudson Valley portrait session
Hand holding wildflower seeds
Outdoor family photo session in Gardiner, New York
Multi-generational family photo session
Outdoor family photo session in Gardiner, New York
Mother daughter Hudson Valley photo session
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Outdoor family photo session Gardiner, New York
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Generations family photo session Wallkill, New York