Golden engagement session in Wallkill, New York

So cold. So late. So busy. So lost. So many things that could have made this engagement photo session go all wrong. But Kenia and James were so awesome and so in love, it didn't matter.

The location here is supposed to be Sam's Point in Minnewaska State Park, the most epic photo location in the whole Hudson Valley. Kenia and James drove an hour and a half from New York City just to take their engagement photos out on that famous cliff edge. But their errands ran late and they got stuck in traffic and pretty soon we only had an hour to drive 20 minutes and then hike a mile. So at the last minute, we decided to stay local. We're talking Pine Bush/Wallkill local. As in not epic.

I took them to a grassy field and reservoir I knew about. It was so cold that we cried, our noses ran, our fingers turned into frozen maple sausage links, and we all fought over the blankets.

I think the cold actually made the pictures better. We had to run around, jump and play just to stay warm. And the golden light did not disappointment - the very light we would have missed if we had gone all the way to Sam's Point.

In the end, the location didn't matter that much. The sunset was fabulous and Kenia and James' personalities just shined. James is like a big, sweet expressive teddy bear and Kenia is the tiny goofy lovely dancer. More about them when I post their wedding in a few weeks. Yes, they have a story and it's a good one.

Sometimes the adventure in an "adventure engagement" is just taking what comes and making it into a great memory.

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